IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Better?

Laser Hair Removal

Is IPL better than Laser? or is Laser better than IPL?

Some people vote IPL while others vote laser. But what is the truth behind it all? This question is not that simple, it depends on the brand of machine, components being used and many other factors which salon owners should consider before buying a machine. This article will highlight the actual facts about the technology and the business so you can have a deeper understanding of both. Make sure you read it to the end and educate yourself about the real scientific differences rather than an opinion.

The ever growing popularity of hair removal services in recent years has led to an equally rapid growth not only in the number of clinics offering such services but also in the types of technology used in removing the unwanted hair. There is now an often confusing array of treatments available to the public provided by a range of competing technologies, some more effective than others for different hair types and often at widely divergent prices.

Hair removal is one of the most frequently requested services at laser clinics and it is popular amongst people across many demographics and regions of the world. The Middle East is also experiencing a rapid and ongoing growth in demand for hair removal services of all types. We?ve sold thousands of units to the Middle East last year alone. But what types of hair removal are available and how effective are they?

As an individual, trying to understand the differences between laser and IPL for hair removal and deciding which method is right for you can be very confusing due to lack of sound advice and information available. Our aim is that by reading this article, you will not only understand the technical difference but the business reasons behind a clinic?s decision to use IPL or Laser.

To begin with, you should know that both laser and IPL work on removing unwanted hair in essentially the same way. Both require that the region to be treated be shaved prior to the procedure, both convert light energy into heat energy which will heat up the hair follicle, prompting the bulb of the hair to fall out thus reducing hair growth. However this is where the similarity ends.

So What is the main difference?

Laser Hair RemovalThe main difference between Laser and IPL is the process by which the light is produced, the type of light (wavelength) and how well it is absorbed by the different hair and skin types.

An IPL produces varying wavelengths, which is types of light found on the visible light spectrum whereas Laser produces one single and precise wavelength, an intensely concentrated beam of light that is proven to target hair growth, so there is no ?hit and miss?. This exact wavelength leads to a more effective treatment than IPL hair removal and therefore fewer treatments in the long term.

The advantage for IPL is that many different skin types can be treated with one machine and they are much cheaper to manufacture but unfortunately the light is ?one-size-fits-all? in terms of its effectiveness on the hair.

However on the down-side it employs a diffused broad band of light in the visible spectrum, typically 550 to 1100 nanometers, whilst the optimum wavelengths for treating most hair types fall into the 700 to 850 nanometer range. Thus the light below 700 and above 850 is either ineffective or even putting the patient at risk of side effects if an incorrect energy level has been selected. It also means that more treatment sessions can be required to achieve a desired result.

Furthermore IPL cannot be used on sun-exposed or darker skin, nor is it effective on all hair and skin types, thus making it less versatile than laser treatment. It can also cause damage to pigment producing cells, which can result in patches of darker or lighter skin.

The advantage of a Laser (single wavelength) is that the light is targeted. There are many different Lasers with different wavelengths for different uses but each one is chosen to maximise effectiveness and safety for a particular hair and skin type.

Allwhite Laser has wide variety of technologies including  Nd:YAG Lasers, Alexandrite lasers, Schnelle diode lasers which safely and effectively treat all hair and skin types.

The medical graded AW3 Schnelle Laser works at 810nm which falls into the optimum range for hair removal so we are able to produce more effective results much faster than an IPL system. It works by the laser beam passing safely through the skin targeting the melanin (pigment) in the hair, its energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and the heat created weakens or destroys the follicle preventing further growth.

The disadvantage of certain Lasers is that it can only be used on certain skin types which range from fair to middle-eastern. Asian or black skin cannot be treated with this type of Laser as the absorption of energy in the skin would be too high due to the high concentration of melanin in the skin.

However our AW3 Schnelle Laser system is suitable for all skin types. The laser passes through the skin without targeting melanin, it works by directing the beam onto the base of the unwanted hair follicles where it disperses the energy and damages the follicle, reducing the rate at which it grows.

Over time, many studies have been conducted comparing satisfaction level, the safety, and the effectiveness of IPL and Laser, on various skin types and have come to the conclusion that laser outperforms IPL every time. Laser hair removal results in significantly longer hair-free intervals, a larger reduction in hair counts and greater patient satisfaction than the IPL.

The AW3 Schnelle Laser enables us to treat the widest possible range of skin types, producing the optimum result for each patient whilst keeping discomfort and potential side-effects to a minimum. Yet further adding to patient comfort and safety, we also use a unique advanced ice-cooling system which cools the skin before, during and after application of the laser without interfering with the laser beam. The result for the patient is an overall pain-free and safer experience, enabling the laser to work at higher efficiency and produce even better results.

Another factor to consider is the difference type of laser technology used and the brand of laser used. Just remember that brand and technology are two different things.

Apart from different Laser or IPL technology, before buying a laser system, customers need to understand that not all components being used on the machines are the same. Some IPL technology we offer these days is far better than many older laser machines 3 years ago as there has been improved technology other than just the actual light alone. .

We have found that many unknown companies uses poorly made or even counterfeit components. Incorrect specifications, lack of research, development and innovations is quite common. If this is the case, the best laser or IPL technology can still have a huge downfall. When it comes to laser technology, the most expensive does not mean that it is the best, or the cheapest does not mean that they are rubbish. This is where the confusions comes in.

We know that many suppliers or middlemen are charging a ridiculous amount of money and have poor service support or limited replacement parts. On the other hand it is tempting to buy cheaper abroad, but often the specifications are incorrect, poor quality training provided, no regulations and standards to the machine which will restrict you from getting a treatment license in many cases. One common thing which we come across, many buyers are misled into buying a laser but instead it is just a cheap flash lamp. You will not know until your clients are not getting any results, by then it is too late to put your business back on track.

Another question you may have to ask yourself, why are some laser machines really expensive, are they really better?  In most cases price does not matter, some companies sell in volume to make profit, while others sell just a few machines a year to make a bigger profit on a typically same system, but 5 times the price. These high ticker companies usually distribute only a few systems rather than raw manufacturing and mass sale.

It is important to buy from an honest company that can offer you a great system and support, after all you are buying a machine and the technology aswell as a brand that your customers desire.

At AW3, we pride ourselves on being the leader in laser and IPL manufacturing. Our branding has made a huge impact in recent years hence we are labeled the “King of Lasers”. Competitors say we are just a rubbish brand that are cheap, unworthy or even poor results. Despite the bad mouthed, our system speaks for itself hence the reason why thousands of professionals choose us for business success and best results. Using the highest quality components for our machines separates us from other companies. We don?t build all the components in-house, hence the reason why we are better.

We source the best components from the best manufacturers around the world and put together an extraordinary system that no other can compete. Having the ability to sell thousands of machines worldwide on a continual basis, we are able to cut down the manufacturing and components costs to the minimal, offering our customers the highest quality technology at a reasonable price. The more customers buy from us, the more affordable we can offer it to businesses.

Why is service after the sale important?
Service after the sale is so important because you are purchasing complicated technology that can potentially break down. What will you do if your machine has a failure & you have clients booked in all week? The last thing you need is unhappy clients whose appointments you have to cancel because of equipment breakdown. Businesses must also remember that not all after sales and repair facility or engineering equipment are the same, some claim to be experienced engineers or doctors but merely know anything about laser technologies. Perhaps they know allot more than you, but not enough to service a medical device to an optimum level, and in most cases a bodge job is done in a poor facility. There are more cow boys in this industry than Indians, much more than you think. Let’s face it, a 2 year old child will look up to a 6 year old, although a 6 year old is old enough to lead the way but is still a child that you do not want to put your business in the hands of. It is vey easy for many to fall into this trap, even experienced researchers who think they know it all until they encounter an amateur. What we are advising is for you is to look closer into many things before making an informed decision.Questions which businesses should ask before purchasing:
  1. Proof of the experience that the company have with laser service and repair, as a consumer you need to see evidence not just words that someone tell you they have 10 years experience.
  2. Evidence of facility and professional engineering equipment to service the system. This is not DIY repair in a little garage.
  3. A notified certificate from an authorised body showing the address of the facility where repair and serviced is held. This should proof that the company is certified to manufacture, service and repair of medical grade systems.

And remember, you usually offer your laser hair removal service to clients in multiple sessions. Your clients may have pre-paid for a course and they could be coming for their second or third session. In that case, it is likely that they have waited 4 to 6 weeks just for this appointment.

You want your company?s brand to grow, you want your clients to be happy and feel as though they can rely on you. The last thing you want is to have angry clients demanding refunds.

At AW3, we understand the importance of a reputable business. As a leading manufacturer with hundreds of parts in stock, our on site engineers can replace parts immediately when it comes to breakdown and repairs. As well as selling the machines to you, we will be there for you almost as a business partner. We offer ongoing support on training, assist with treatment support and marketing exposure. You are in this business for the highest ROI and not just the best machine. But why not have both as our brand awareness is already a success for your business as your customers have already heard of Allwhite Laser. Businesses do not fail when using AW3.

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