Handle Shots- More laser shots handle can last longer, here’s why…

Handles that do more shots may have a higher efficiency than those handles that do less shots. Here’s why…

Your laser or IPL or Yag handle lifespan is not how many shots that it can use or how many more that you can save. The efficiency of the handle depends on the energy it has been used over a period of time.

Example of a diode handle, for those who uses minimal stamping shots are more likely to stress their handle’s lifespan more thinking that they’re saving shots, however this stresses the handle much more and decreases it’s lifespan. This is because it is most likely being used on a higher energy and a lower Hz.

Saying this it is not about using more shots, less shots, stamping or gliding. It is about using your handle correctly to it’s maximum capacity and results. Just like a car, each qualified driver drives differently which can affect the longevity of a car.

There are tips and tricks on how to maximise the performance of your handle which many trainers or suppliers may not know this due to the lack of research and studies. Results and handle lifespan is the key to business success so it is important to take advise directly from a certified laser engineer.