Laser IPL Training – The first ever white laser beam to come…

Allwhite Laser will have to think about white laser beam into the future….For the past 50 years, lasers have been able to emit all wavelengths but not white. The problem is that typical lasers only shoot one specific wavelength of light at a time. In order to create white beam, researchers have to manufacture three thin semiconductor lasers which is about the size of one-thousandth of a hair strand, then lined them up next to each other so that each semiconductor emits one of the three primary colours. When combining them together, it will form white.

The entire device can also be programmed to create any colour in the visible spectrum.

For this study, the researchers had to release electrons into the semiconductors with an additional laser light. The engineers will have to design white lasers to operate on battery power before they can be used for commercial applications.

And for AW3, will white laser beam have any use to the cosmetic and medical industry in the near future? After all “White” is our middle name! Who knows but we will certainly be the first. Why not request a brochure today and see why our laser machines and training is so far ahead of the game.

Laser IPL Training


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