Clarity™ Facial
Hifu Skin System 

Used by doctors and clinics worldwide
The amazing AW3 Clarity™ Facial, a Hifu system which promises skin smoothing treatments on all skin types in just one treatment.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is also known as HIFU has become the most sought after treatment on today’s market to lift the face and neck. The ati ageing treatment stimulates collagen production with noticeable results in just 1-2 treatments. 
  • Immediate, lasting results.
  • Even out scars, including acne scars, and stretch marks.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Wrinkle reduction.
  • Even out skin tone and texture.
  • Increase skin laxity.
Non-surgical. Non-invasive.
As we age collagen cells become depleted causing the skin to become lax and develop fine lines and wrinkles. By using the AW3 Clarity™ Hifu system, it delivers the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths in to the skin at the right temperature to trigger a natural response under the skin. This will jump starts the regenerative process that produces fresh new collagen. As fresh new collagen is produced the skin becomes tighter and firmer, pushing out wrinkles to give a younger firmer complexion.
Apart from surgical face lift, nothing can compare to Hifu non surgical treatment. This technology is by far better than Botox which eliminate the disadvantages of  bleeding, shorter recovery time, less risk of infection, and less post-op swelling. 
Suitable for ALL skin types
The only way to stimulate new collagen after this age is by neocollagenesis which simply means to make new collagen.
In order for HIFU to stimulate neocollagenesis we need to create a superficial injury to the skin to send signals to our brain to tell us to produce new collagen.
We create this controlled injury by sending ultrasound energy into the skin at the right depths without affecting surrounding tissues.
  • Supreme shot quality.
  • Compact size with integrated RF power supply.
  • AW3 Standard quality promise
  • Robust and durable, while simultaneously sleek and stylish.
  • Intuitive user interface designed around treatments for ease of use.
  • Colour touch display.
  • Stable and reliable.
  • Exceptional engineering.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Precision-focused.
  • Designed and developed in the UK in collaboration with renowned global brands.
AW3 has collaborated with leading researchers to implement many customisation to this system. The quality is scientifically perfected, making our systems the most effective skin lifting system that every salon and private clinic should have.

AW3, the King of Lasers, takes pride in its brand and always ensures that we are leading the industry standard. 
Model AW3® Clarity
Control Panel Colour Touch Screen
Voltage AC100V-240V
Power 65w
Handle Dimensions 20cm*7cm*7cm
Instrument Dimensions 36cm*16cm*27cm
Transducers 8.00mm/13.0mm (3 Included)
Transducer lifespan 600 shots
Energy 3-45 joules
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