Thread vein and Spyder vein removal 

The Ultimate Vein Removal System

The AW3 Spyder™ is designed specifically for vein removing. The specialist wavelength offers specific results to a precision that other comparable technology cannot match. 
  • Superior Results
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Best treatment for vein removal 
Non-surgical. Non-invasive.
The AW3 Spyder machine whole purpose is to remove spider vein which are small spider blood vessels, also known as capillary dilation. The treatment uses 890 nanometer of targeted laser beam to beak down the vessels. The treatment will successfully remove spider vein as well as thread veins. Using the latest technology specially designed for 1 and wholly purpose, this machine is top of the range for vein removal treatment. 

The machine is extremely easy to use, compact, robust and seamlessly beautiful. With 8 inch colour touch screen, solid casing and its practical design. The quality of the AW3 Spyder machine exceptional. 
Suitable for ALL skin types

AW3, the King of Lasers, takes pride in its brand and always ensures that we are leading the industry standard. 
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