Ist Fat Freeze die Zukunft?

Fat Freeze-Zukunft

Modeerscheinung oder Zukunft?

We all have our problem areas, that little bit of stubborn fat we just can?t budge. Wouldn?t it be great if we could get rid of it, without breaking into a sweat or breaking the bank? Well, apparently now we can with All white Laser AW3!

Der neueste Zollverlustwahn, der die Nation fegt, ist Fettgefrieren. Diese Art der Behandlung zielt auf hartnäckige Fettpolster ab, die unserer harten Arbeit im Fitnessstudio und unserer gesunden Ernährung widerstehen.

The treatment involves placing a membrane on to the skin and then placing a vacuum cooling device over the membrane. The targeted fat cells are then safely exposed to minus zero temperatures over a 30-minute period. The lipids in fat crystallise at a colder temperature than skin cells so only the fat cells are destroyed with no damage to skin or nerve tissue.

The dead fat cells are gradually removed by the body?s natural metabolism and immune system. Subsequently, making this a very natural process.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So it?s not to say we can gorge on take outs and expect to look like a catwalk model after having something like this done. Best results will come from treatments with our Sub Zero? or Antarctica? machines along-side a healthy diet and life style and the best advice of all? drink lots of water.

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