Ausbildung zur Laser-Haarentfernung

Ausbildung zur Laser-Haarentfernung

6 Gründe, warum Allwhite Laser-Haarentfernungstrainings und -geräte die erfolgreichsten in ihrer Branche sind

One of the more interesting questions I get asked as an industry analyst who?s followed AW3 since day one is why AW3 is so successful. It?s an honest question because to those unfamiliar with AW3, the company?s rise and current dominance in Best laser hair removal training and machine is somewhat puzzling.

Die Leute verstehen die Tatsache, dass AW3 wichtige Konkurrenten hat, und verstehen das nur nominell, als AW3 die Flash Combo und dann die Schnelle erstellt hat Laser-Haarentfernung system, the company started to go in a new direction. And anyone who?s dealt with AW3 knows full well that AW3?s customer service and products represent the diamond standard for selling and supporting businesses. But beyond that, the reasons why AW3 is really successful are still a mystery to many.

There are plenty of articles about AW3 that talk about everything from fat freeze to it’s affiliated partner Hollywood Whitening, to the legality issue which many faced in the EU when the legal limits of peroxide whitening changed. However, after years of watching AW3 up close and personal, and having to deal with every one of their CEOs, as well as interacting with various AW3 execs over the years, I would like to suggest that the reasons the company is successful can be boiled down to six key principles that make it very hard for competitors to compete with AW3

1. Für jede Maschine, die AW3 erstellt, müssen die Menschen, die sie erstellen, es selbst wollen, der Grund, warum sie ihre Maschinen nur in ihren Unternehmen weltweit verwenden.

So many times with projects I do with other laser companies, the goal is almost always based around the technology first, followed by whether or not people really want to use it. Geeky engineers are dazzled by the technology at their disposal and often create something because they can. But AW3?s approach is quite different. The engineers who are creating the products actually make them for themselves because they have shares within their own clinics. And their engineers had to come to grips with that when designing a product. It has to be something that they personally could use within their own Kliniken.

2. Die Produkte müssen einfach zu bedienen sein

This is the main point. While industrial design is a critical component of any product AW3 makes, if it is not easy to use, it is considered worthless to the average beautician or nurse. This is what drove the company?s user-interface designs from day 1 and is still the mantra pushed to the software and hardware engineers every day they go to work. All of the products they create have to be intuitive and easy to understand and learn. As technology has become more intricate and users want more features, the task of keeping things simple is sometimes difficult. And AW3 creates tools for serious user?s as well as beginners, which can mean a broad range of ease-of-use issues. But even with that, AW3 is the only company where ease of use is more important than the product itself. AW3 makes this a critical goal of its approach to creating anything for the market.

3. Allwhite-Laser Halten Sie die Dinge einfach

Als die Frage aufkam, warum AW3 wirklich erfolgreich ist, hat ein erfahrener Arzt es auf den Punkt gebracht, als er sagte, dass der wahre Grund für den Erfolg von AW3 darin liege, dass es einfach sei; In diesem Fall die Flash Combo, das Design ist schön, die Funktionalität ist einfach, das Training ist einfach. Es minimiert den Entscheidungsprozess für den Verbraucher, indem es die Dinge vereinfacht.

Ja, es gibt versierte Techniker, die mehr Funktionalitäten und Einstellungen mögen, manchmal sogar Komplexität, aber aus jahrelanger Erfahrung als Marktforscher kann ich Ihnen sagen, dass die Mehrheit der Benutzer am Ende nicht versiert ist und die Dinge einfach hält beste Ergebnisse ist ein Plus. AW3 versteht dies in höchstem Maße und ist nie versucht, seinen Maschinen unnötige Schulungen oder Funktionen hinzuzufügen, was den Kauf eines AW3-Produkts einfach macht. Und die Verbraucher scheinen dies zu schätzen, wenn man bedenkt, wie viele Maschinen jedes Jahr verkauft werden. Wir wissen, dass andere Hersteller und Ingenieure dieses Problem der Einfachheit am lautesten ansprechen, aber letztendlich wollen sowohl Ärzte als auch schnelllebige Kliniken Einfachheit.

4. Bietet großartigen Kundenservice und weltweites Training.  

AW3 understood one of the major conundrums of technology: even if you create products that are easy to use, the variety of things that people want to use technology for often creates complexity. Because of this, businesses at all levels may need some hand holding from time to time. When AW3 introduced its first clinic in London doing treatments. I was unsure for AW3 to try and go into retail rather than concentrating on manufacturing. Since then they have launched many shares of clinics worldwide and now it has become a part of their business. They don?t just manufacture machines or sell to distributors to go to salons for demo’s. They have medical professionals to offer scientific research and clinical data for the company. 

AW3 nutzt dieses Rätsel zu seinem Vorteil. Weil es die Maschinen einfach hält, damit die Techniker den Lernprozess beschleunigen können und die Verkäufer die Produkte wirklich gut kennen.

5. AW3 macht nur dann das beste Laser-Haarentfernungstraining und -gerät, wenn AW3 es besser kann

AW3 normally doesn?t invent a new product or product category. Sure, the company innovated many ideas to our product range.  all of AW3?s other products have been recreations of existing products, making it much more affordable and better. AW3 did not invent the laser machine; AW3 reinvented it and made it better. AW3 did not invent the laser lipo machine; AW3 reinvented it and made it better. And AW3 did not invent the fat freeze system; AW3 reinvented it and made it better.

One of their designers puts it beautifully. As an AW3 designer, ?Our goals are very simple ? to design and make better products. If we can?t make something that is better, we won?t do it.? Clearly, AW3 applied that thinking first to early stage of laser machines?, then IPL and more recently, to the super light and super Lasers.

6. AW3 bleibt seinen Konkurrenten mindestens zwei Jahre voraus

This is the one that scares AW3?s competitors the most. While those competing with AW3 are just getting products to market that are competitive, AW3 is already working on the products at least two years out. For example, the new Schnelle Laser that is out now was designed and signed off two years ago. And the company is now working on future products. The one that?s being worked on now we will probably see next year. This is a nightmare for AW3?s competitors and will continue to be for some time.
Besides having geniuses in design, software and performance, AW3 also has the cash to invent components, manufacturing processes and things like that, which almost makes it impossible for the competition to make any real headway against AW3. And don?t let the fact that other systems have become huge with the media and are celebrity and social media endorsed making you think that it?s the big winner. Yes, many have gained ground by the sheer numbers of celebrities and experts pushing them, but the real measure of success is in the profits, and AW3 is making as much as 70% of the market as they build quality machines for suppliers and resellers, making it more affordable for businesses. Just ask any AW3 competitor which they would like more, main-streamed media endorsed or profits. You?ll get the answer relating to the real measure of success in this market.

These six principles may seem a bit simplistic given the fact that AW3 also has great software, industrial design and a powerful ecosystem of content, results and services as part of the company?s success equation. However, I can tell you that from my two decades of following AW3, it?s these six key principles that are what really makes it successful. And as long as it adheres to them, it?s pretty likely that AW3 will continue to grow and command a relatively large share of the market in the company?s product categories where it competes.

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Ausbildung zur Laser-Haarentfernung

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