How to look for the best system…


Recent figures show that millions of people are getting new tattoos every year. Over the years this has equated to an enormous amount of people who have fallen out of love with their ink. This has led to an influx of companies distributing Tattoo Removal Machine equipment. It has become a tortuous task to filter the good, the bad and the ugly. Below are 7 tips to help you pick the best.

  1. Reputation – How long has the company been operating? Is it just a one-man band reselling? What experience do they have? Questions like these should be asked of any company you are potentially buying equipment from. Dealing with an experienced company will lead to you developing a great reputation yourselves. You cannot always trust what is being said to you, especially from smaller pop-up companies giving out false information. Have a closer look at their premises, websites and establishment rather than what you see at a trade show. Does the company just have a glossy rented office in the city centre, or do they even have an office at all?
  1. Technologie – This is what really matters when deciding on purchasing your machine. Does the machine have branded components? Does the machine have up-to-date technology? Making sure that the components used are to a high standard will ensure that your machine is of high quality. This in turn is an indicator that the machine will get great results. There are many companies out there selling outdated technology that produces unsatisfactory results. Chose a company that innovates.
  1. Support – What type of support does the company offer? Do they have the manpower to provide you with ongoing support? Having the reassurance that you have full ongoing support is vital for your business. Look for a company that offers this and is happy to do so. Time and time over, we’ve seen people buying a machine, but after a year the company cannot be found and they’re left with a machine which no one can service or find parts for. Don’t buy a machine, buy a record of business success and the band you are using.
  1. Training – Having a great tattoo removal machine is only part of the package. You will need great training as well. Choose a company that has experience in the treatments themselves, this will ensure that you are obtaining the knowledge you need to be successful. Real-world experience with the machines and the advice they are giving is fundamental for your business. Remember there are as many cowboy training companies and doctor trainers as much as there are bad technicians. We cannot believe some of the knowledge that was given when we had to re-train many individuals on a weekly basis. Remember that a good teacher can teach you more in 1 hour than a bad one in 1 day.
  1. Safety – Always buy equipment that is up to government standards. Safety is paramount, choose a company that is selling equipment that you are able to use in your country and that is fully compilable. Many businesses have fallen into this trap with cheap machines. There are many machines out there that merely comply with regulations and are unsafe. But how do we know which is safe and which is not? This is the difficult part to look out for. It is always advisable to buy systems from a well-known brand rather than a reseller or someone abroad. Buying abroad does not give you any protection, it may all sounds good in an advertisement but the product or certification of compliance is not always as described.
  1. Preis– The tattoo removal machine and training price is a very important factor when deciding to buy a laser system. The cheapest price for a cheap machine can potentially destroy your new start-up business. Then again, too expensive, you may be going in for a ride, which will take you forever to make back your initial investment. Although price is very important, it is the least important of all these 6 points when it comes to building a successful business. Always look for value by following the 5 points above, instead of the most expensive or the cheapest.
  1. The Handle- How long does it last? ND Yag laser can flash up to 500,000+ shots or longer until it popped. But quality shots will decrease between 50,000 to 250,000 depending on usage, energy settings, frequency HZ, treatment type, etc. The faster and the higher you set, the shorter life spans your handle will last. On older handles, you may need to increase the energy to achieve similar a sensation as a new handle. For optimum results and safety, it is ideal to replace the handle when you feel that the power is weak, usually between 50,000 to the maximum of 250,000 shots. How long it lasts and how quality it is, this is a completely different story, You can have a cheap flashlight that lasts forever but your customers are not getting good results, or do you prefer a handle that gives great laser results? Anyone who tells you that it lasts longer than this may not be concerned about the quality of the shots.

These are the 7 tips to ensure that you are purchasing the best possible machine for your business. It is a minefield, however, with this advice in hand, it should be a lot easier to find that perfect partner.

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