¿Es difícil el entrenamiento con láser?

formación láser

¿Qué tan difícil es el entrenamiento?

Laser operation is such an easy procedure to do, so easy that it can almost be self-taught. If you think about it, it is just shooting at the skin surface. How hard can it really be? We are not in the 1990’s where laser technology is behind, of course back then it can be quite a task to even go on the internet let alone using a laser machine. Now days, the hard part is not the actual laser treatment itself, but it is the knowledge, the qualification, the insurance, the support and the contraindications.

Si no se entrena adecuadamente, los resultados obtenidos no serán óptimos sin importar cuán costosa o grande sea la máquina. Por supuesto, todos sabemos que una gran máquina logrará 80% del resultado, pero ese 20% adicional es lo que se necesita para que su cliente esté completamente satisfecho y, a cambio, más recomendaciones y negocios futuros.

AW3 are here to provide customers with the core understanding where we will teach you to become an expert, because we are the experts. AW3 does not sing and dance around our training as this makes very lengthy, stressful and difficult for the students to understand. Remember we are the people who train colleges and trainers as we build the machines for them. With the improvements of machine technology, a better training structure and having trained thousands of people all around the world, we are very on point, making the whole process much more fun, simple and easy to understand.

Entonces, para tener éxito en este negocio, debe tener una gran máquina, soporte y un gran conocimiento sobre el tratamiento. Conocimiento, que solo un capacitador experimentado puede transmitirle, seleccionando las cosas que son necesarias para su negocio. Creemos en la formación de calidad más que en la cantidad.

La máquina

Time and time again, we?ve seen people buying machines that simply give minimal to no results. These types of laser machines really bring down the industry and gives everyone a bad name. Especially those cheap copies from China that has low quality measures. But then again there are machines costing an arm and a leg from resellers that doesn’t have a clue about laser engineering.

Al comprar una máquina, debemos entender por qué es una buena máquina. ¿Es el poder? ¿Es el mango? ¿Está respaldado por celebridades o es solo una marca? La verdad es que ninguno de estos puntos importa si se publicitan falsamente. Encontramos que muchas empresas más pequeñas simplemente anuncian cualquier cosa sin ningún ensayo clínico o investigación exhaustiva.


It is important to buy and train from a reputable manufacturer with extensive research and development.  Don?t buy into a machine, buy into the company, the training and the business itself. Looking at a machine?s spec sheet is not enough and can sometimes be incorrect; feel the machine and the company as a whole. A reputable company would never deceive, bad mouth others, give out false information and are always willing to give aftercare support without hesitation. Look out for transparency such as pricing, ask where the factory is based and look for clear website literature. All literature must be available for all members of the public to view anytime without any hidden facts or salesman tactics.

Un buen curso de formación láser. es una cosa; una buena máquina láser es otra, una gran marca es otra. Juntos, estos combinados harán un gran negocio, un negocio que crecerá a largo plazo.

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