Blanchiment Hollywood (avancé)

135 £ / $220USDpar personne


Not all laser teeth whitening systems are the same! Our production team has tested every form of teeth whitening treatment to offer you the most advanced system. This exclusive Hollywood Whitening technique is designed to suit your teeth as an individual in the detailed specification, from enamel type to the structure of your teeth and gums. The 1-hour treatment consists of 3 applications of Hollywood Whitening™ gels being applied to your teeth at every 15-20mins intervals, this is the only clinically proven system to produce maximum shiny results instead of a chalky white.

Blanchiment Hollywood (Spa de base)

135 £ / $220USDpar personne


Présentation de Basic Spa, une option plus abordable. Un moyen simple et rapide de blanchir vos dents en utilisant une technique standard. Obtenez des dents plus blanches en moins d'une heure.



What is Different?

Hollywood Whitening is very confident in the power of its laser teeth whitening technology. They claim that if their system cannot make your teeth brighter, nobody else can. It’s crucial to note that not all laser systems or products on the market are created equal. However, Blanchiment hollywoodien stands out as one of the few companies worldwide that offers guaranteed results.

Hollywood Whitening’s whitening accelerator light is considered a first-class laser device, representing the most advanced technology available today for laser teeth whitening. They emphasize that a one-off treatment with their system, taking less than 1 hour, is not only the most effective but also the safest whitening procedure.

Hollywood Whitening proudly guarantees an instant result in a single procedure. They claim that within the space of your lunch break, the top and bottom front surfaces of your teeth can be restored up to 14 shades brighter.

If you’re ready to give your teeth the healthy treat they need after years of staining, consider the transformative power of laser teeth whitening from Hollywood Whitening. Their confidence in their technology and the potential for guaranteed results make them a compelling choice in the market.”

Stage de formation au blanchiment des dents

Pourquoi l'avoir fait ?

Every Child starts off with beautiful white teeth, but strongly coloured foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and cola can discolour the surface of your teeth. After a time these stains penetrate deep inside the teeth. Just like white clothes which have picked up dyes and can never regain their original brightness, stained teeth are very difficult to whiten with conventional methods. But Hollywood Whitening’s advanced technology cleans both the surface and the internal structure of the teeth. Blanchiment hollywoodien offers the world leading professional dental whitening systems and is dedicated to developing the safest and the most advanced technologies for cosmetic dentistry.

Numerous clinical studies have proven that our system, which takes less than 1 hour to return your smile to sparkling white, is the most effective way for whitening the teeth without any side effects. It also whitens teeth stained by tetracycline, age, speckled by fluoride, yellowed by medicines or hereditary discolouration. The cold-light tooth-whitening machine uses a narrow beam of high-intensity blue light with a wavelength of between 480 and 520 nanometers.

A special optical process removes harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. A whitening fluid and 20-nanometer silicon dioxide rapidly oxidize the entire surface of all 16 or more front teeth in one short treatment, restoring them to a beautiful white. Tests prove that, after whitening with Hollywood Whitening, the teeth score 5 to 14 points higher on the VITA scale. The results are much better than can be obtained with comparable products.

Appelez dès maintenant pour prendre rendez-vous et rejoignez des milliers de patients satisfaits profitant de leur sourire confiant et d'un blanc éclatant.
Le tout dernier système de blanchiment des dents de Hollywood Whitening peut vous laisser avec un sourire pour rivaliser avec ceux des stars d'Hollywood…

The science of tooth whitening has been in development for over 100 years and has never been shown to cause harm to the teeth. But the Hollywood Whitening system has taken whitening to new levels of safety and comfort. Our cold-light technology and proprietary gel formulation combine to whiten teeth to their brightest- in less than 1 hour.


La lumière laser active le gel blanchissant et oxyde la pigmentation des dents à travers les tubules dentinaires, les rendant blanches.
Teinte des dents
Shows an obvious improvement on the Vita shade guide. Operating at a wavelength of 460-760 nanometers, the light is filtered to remove ultraviolet for a low-temperature light to provide a safe and comfortable treatment.
Très efficace pour les dents
Teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances like coffee or tea can easily be restored. It also whitens teeth that are discoloured by medicines such as tetracycline or speckled by fluoride, though severe cases require more than one treatment.
Le processus de blanchiment
The Laser light is directed to the whitening gel on the labial (front) surface of the upper and lower teeth. The process of fresh gels is applied 3 times during the 1-hour procedure. Water and oxygen free radicals are released which bond to molecules causing discolouration. The result is a fresh white smile.

machine à dents grande
Stage de formation au blanchiment des dents

Comparer à Zoom

Blanchiment Hollywood contre ZOOM

  • Le temps de préparation du traitement Zoom est nettement plus long et moins confortable pour le patient.
  • L'exposition aux UV de Zoom expose le patient au risque de brûlure du soleil sur la lèvre - le système de blanchiment Hollywood a complètement filtré cette source de lumière (pas de brûlure)
  • The intensity of the Zoom light is too weak- Since the Hollywood Whitening system is filtered, the correct light wavelength is much more powerful.
  • Zoom ne convient pas à tout le monde car les gens sont plus susceptibles de ressentir une sensibilité temporaire pendant le traitement.

Pourquoi Zoom est-il inférieur ?

  • Treatment preparation time is significantly longer and less comfortable for the patient. The light emitted from the Zoom system with no filtration contains high levels of Ultraviolet light. The UV exposure puts the patient at risk from sunburning during the procedure and therefore the doctor is instructed in the Zoom operational manual to block out ALL PINK TISSUE in the mouth of the patient. In the video sent with the Zoom system, the doctor is instructed to use a gingival barrier to seal the gum tissue first. Then, the doctor is to use gauze and cotton rolls to fill the exposed inner cheeks and margins along the lips and gums. The doctor is instructed to place gauze sheets inside the mouth to cover the tongue and to seal or “glue” the gauze and cotton rolls together with the remaining gingival barrier and light cure this additional material to prevent any exposure of the pink tissues to the light emitted from the Zoom lamp. Obviously, when you compare the preparation of a 2 to 3-millimetre gingival margin barrier required with the Hollywood Whitening technique to the lengthy preparation with the Zoom system, it is easy to imagine an additional 10 to 15 minutes of chair time when preparing the patient for treatment. This longer preparation time is not only unwelcome to the dentists but also uncomfortable for the patient. Additionally, the patient can no longer breathe through their mouth, further placing the patient in more discomfort. The gingival barrier and complete protection of the pink tissue cannot be guaranteed. During either the Hollywood Whitening or Zoom procedure, the patient will inadvertently move his or her mouth as the cheek retractor is never completely comfortable and keeping the mouth completely still for the entire treatment is unlikely. As the patient moves his or her mouth, the gauze and/or cotton rolls used during the Zoom procedure inside the mouth and glued together with the gingival barrier can easily tear apart. If there is any tear at all, the patient risks getting sunburn inside the mouth during the treatment. Subsequently, in between cycles, the doctor must check the barriers to make sure no tears have appeared during the cycle and correct any tears and cover any newly exposed areas before resuming the treatment. This adds even more time to the treatment.
  • Without any filtering of the light, UV exposure creates heat inside the mouth. As heat builds up inside the mouth during the treatment, further trapped by all the cotton and gauze, there is an increased risk of damage to the tooth pulp and increases in post-treatment sensitivity. Teeth and gum tissue that is warm and exposed to the gel at the same time will have a higher risk to develop serious sensitivity. In our discussions with doctors that have used the Zoom system, they complain that many patients cannot complete the last cycle as the teeth are already very irritated and sensitivity becomes unbearable. As a result, many refuse to pay for the treatment as they cannot finish the entire procedure.
  • The intensity of the light is too weak. Since there is no filtration, the Zoom system uses a weaker light source inside the lamp head to control some of the risks of heat, sensitivity and UV exposure. As a result, the treatment time must be extended to three cycles of 15 to 20 minutes each in order to get good results. The problem is that such a long amount of time with teeth exposed to the gel (as well as the UV and heat) creates even more risk of sensitivity both during the treatment as well as after the treatment is complete. The patient is also in the chair for no less than 1 hour and in many cases nearer to an hour and a half to complete the treatment.
  • One additional point that you may face: Zoom adds a chemical to their gel called Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) which is a proven desensitizing agent. Some dentists may ask you about this chemical and if we use it in our gel too. We do not use it, and the reason is the chemical, in our testing, acts as a barrier to the gel penetrating deep into the teeth. Unlike Fluoride, ACP gets in the way of the whitening gel as it travels deep into the dentin to oxidize those difficult stains. Instead of treating the sensitivity this way and reducing the results, we use fluoride – also a proven desensitizing agent – and insist on making the treatment time as short as possible through better, safer, light acceleration and shorter patient prep time and chair time. This is the best way to ensure the patient sees the best results with little or no sensitivity.

Garantie de résultat

Our laser teeth whitening system is the most advanced and effective method available for achieving whiter teeth. However, it is important to note that the degree of whitening can vary depending on several factors. These factors include age, mineral content of teeth, type of staining, and the initial shade of your teeth. Due to these individual variations, it is impossible to predict exactly how white your teeth will become.

What we can guarantee is that we will strive to achieve the maximum level of whitening possible for your teeth. Every person who undergoes our treatment will experience a noticeable improvement in the brightness of their teeth. We do not make unrealistic promises of 6-8 shades whiter, as companies that do so often lack understanding of the whitening process.

To provide accurate and consistent results, we utilize a high-quality shade chart with 12-16 shade gaps, unlike some companies that use low-grade shade charts with 20-24 shade gaps. This means that even achieving a 5-shade improvement with us is equivalent to a 10-shade improvement on other shade charts.

Our laser teeth whitening system is designed to deliver optimal results, and we are confident in its effectiveness. However, the specific outcome will depend on your individual circumstances.


Conseils de suivi

Within 24 hours after the whitening procedure, You are recommended not to consume non-coloured food or drinks such as red wine, cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce, dark sauce and food that are too hot or cold. Also, customers should avoid coloured toothpaste, mouthwash as well as tobacco products.

Entretien- (Suggéré mais pas obligatoire)

  • It is recommended to maintain the whitening results by using the advanced home whitening pen as below. This is a convenient way to touch up the whitening results at home as needed in the future.
  • Depending on your lifestyle and your diet, this will affect how quickly your teeth will stain again. In-clinic touch-up treatments are suggested once in a while to maintain that top result.

Alors pourquoi un stylo de blanchiment des dents ?
Are you tired of giving maximum effort for minimum results? Do you want a safer, easier way to whiten your teeth? Then look no further than our advanced whitening pen.

Our latest product will outdate all time-wasting home gum shield kits. It’s simple, safe and very cost-effective!

Our day-to-day diet and lifestyle play a huge part in the brightness of our teeth. Drinks like tea, coffee and red wine can take a hefty toll on our teeth’s brightness, as well as smoking and certain foods. Now we offer a simple and effective way to fight back against staining.

Advantage of Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen

  • Pas de plateaux à domicile
  • Pas de moulage de protège-dents
  • No gagging on the mouthpiece
  • Pas de mélange d'ingrédients
  • Pas de gâchis
  • Sans danger pour les dents
  • Facile à utiliser
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Et surtout, obtient des résultats.

Why not try out a C Shape mouth retractor to make it even easier to apply.


Combien de temps durera le résultat ?

This depends entirely on each individual, normally the results can last for years and depend on whether you smoke and consume staining agents. Periodic touch-up treatments can be taken from time to time for clients that frequently have staining foods or drinks. Think of it like a white coat, it can stay forever white if you want it to.

Est-ce sûr?

Yes, 100%! Years of teeth whitening treatments all over the world have proven that it is good for the gums as laser light kills the bacteria that cause gum disease. To conclude, it’s actually good for your teeth and gums.

Combien de temps dure le traitement ?

The treatment itself takes less than 1 hour under the light. Discolourations that built up over the years will completely be removed in 1 single procedure.

Are there any side effects?

Pendant de nombreuses années, les scientifiques ont prouvé qu'il n'y avait pas d'effets secondaires ; certaines personnes peuvent ressentir une légère sensibilité pendant quelques heures après le traitement.

Est-ce sûr, y a-t-il un résultat garanti ?

Notre système a blanchi des millions de dents en toute sécurité, et nous sommes probablement l'une des entreprises de blanchiment des dents les plus expérimentées car c'est notre spécialité. Chaque personne obtient un résultat plus brillant garanti.

Est-ce que ça va faire mal?

No pain at all; very few may experience minor sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment. The chance of high sensitivity is very slim and will subside after a few hours.

What is the difference between our product and another whitening method?

Our whitening method will whiten your teeth instantly. As this is our specialised area, we invest in the most up-to-date technology. The result is far better than any teeth whitening system in the world.

Est-ce adapté à tout le monde ?

Le blanchiment cosmétique des dents convient à la plupart. Les femmes enceintes ne doivent pas subir de blanchiment des dents.

Pourquoi sommes-nous meilleurs ?

Teeth whitening can be very harmful if cheap inferior products are used. We are using a superior and quality-approved product which is 100% safe – it does not change or damage the structure of your teeth. Years of experience and a product that has satisfied millions of customers explain why people choose Hollywood Whitening for safety and results.

What are the differences between the Hollywood Whitening system and others on the market?

We are a specialist! As a Global leader in teeth whitening systems, we invest in the most up-to-date technology available that no other company can deliver.


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