AW3® Spyder™

Laser Vein Removal 

ה AW3 ספיידר machine’s whole purpose is to remove spider veins which are small spider blood vessels, also known as capillary dilation. The treatment uses 980 nanometers of the targeted laser beam to break down the vessels. The treatment will successfully remove spider veins as well as thread veins.

The machine consists of an 8-inch touchscreen- control panel with various treatment modes. It is operated by the handle, using the foot pedal to control the shots. The curve-looking shape of the machine is very easy to clean, and maintain, and beautifully designed. When our engineers produce this system, it can only be stamped by AW3 if the quality and precision are unmatched.

זהו מכשיר רשום, המוגן בזכויות יוצרים ומאומת בסימן מסחרי. זה לא חיקוי גרוע כמו מכונות דומות למראה.

הערה: This product is currently not for sale in the UK market

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