King Street Grooming is Transforming Men’s Self-care & Wellness w/ the AW3® V-Combo™ Plus

In the bustling heart of Manchester, King Street Grooming is redefining men’s wellness. The brainchild of Gareth Dylan, a fitness industry veteran with over a decade of experience, the grooming center opened its doors in May 2022, just after lockdown. What began as a venture with modest expectations has quickly evolved into a thriving hub for men’s grooming and aesthetics.

Gareth, the Managing Director at King Street Grooming, partnered with his friend, an exceptional barber, to create a space where men could feel like kings. “If I am going to work in men’s wellness, I’m going to make every man that walks into this building feel like a king when they leave,” Gareth emphasizes. This vision extends beyond haircuts to include body grooming, waxing, aesthetics, and now, advanced laser treatments.

Breaking Stigmas and Promoting Self-Care

King Street Grooming aims to dismantle the stigma around men’s aesthetics, waxing, massages, and facials. “If you want to physically look good, you also want to mentally feel good, and that’s where we come into it,” says Gareth. The grooming center operates seven days a week, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with increased bookings from Wednesday to Sunday.

The strategic location on King Street attracts shoppers and their husbands, leading to a growing interest in men’s facials. “We’ve found that being on King Street, we have a lot of shoppers and a lot of female shoppers walk past and a lot of their husbands end up being pushed in the door,” Gareth shares. The facials, whether complimentary or discounted, have become a gateway to repeat business, as men experience the benefits and relaxation of professional skin care.

Embracing Advanced Laser Treatments

Recognizing the rising demand for more advanced treatments, Gareth sought out a reliable, UK-based partner with leading technology. This search led him to AW3® and their V-Combo™ Plus. “I thought I was getting a laser, not multiple lasers,” Gareth recalls. The V-Combo™ Plus has enabled King Street Grooming to offer a range of services including tattoo and hair removal, carbon facials, skin rejuvenation, and acne treatments.

The impact on clients has been profound. Younger men, particularly, appreciate the acne treatments and hair removal services that help them feel confident at the gym and beach. “The gym is a scary place now. The bigger they get, the more hair, the growing, more spots are appearing. We’ve got them coming in, we’ve cleared their skin and the smiles are amazing,” Gareth explains.


Exceptional Training and Support

One of the standout aspects of the partnership with AW3® is the exceptional training and support. Gareth highlights the difference between AW3® and other manufacturers: “When I went to AW3’s main campus, I was shocked. The layout, everything, the just the ambiance, walking in it was so professional. My instructor, she was phenomenal.” The training provided by AW3® ensures that Gareth and his team can confidently and effectively use the V-Combo™ Plus system.

The user-friendly nature of the system, coupled with comprehensive support, means that Gareth can focus on providing the best possible treatments to his clients. “Any question I had was not a stupid question. She held my hand and went through everything. The system is so easy to use. They’ve tailored it perfectly for any individual,” he states.

Looking Ahead

With the success of the V-Combo™ Plus, Gareth is already looking at expanding his offerings with new AW3® machines. The partnership has not only enhanced the range of services at King Street Grooming but has also solidified its reputation as a leading destination for men’s wellness and aesthetics in Manchester.

For business owners looking to elevate their services and provide top-notch treatments, Gareth’s experience is a testament to the transformative power of AW3® technology. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact an AW3® representative today and explore the possibilities with the V-Combo™ Plus and other advanced systems.

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