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?Aesthetic treatments is a long term investment and how it can help your business grow in terms of revenue.?

When taking out finance for a high end AW3 machine, people forget that this is not a liability, it is in fact a business asset. A business asset is something that is there to grow the business to maximise the return on investment. People often say, Oh I cannot afford $1000 a month, I can only afford something for $200 a month.

What if I tell you when spending $1000 you are more likely to make $10,000 where as if you spend $200 you will only make $2000 a month. And if you make $2000 a month, you may as well not have the business as your overheads and business outgoings will be so much more, so you are working for free. If you ask me, I know which business package I will be choosing. Remember you are buying a business, not just the machine. Technically you are buying into a ready made franchise with a powerful brand backing without having to pay for any franchise fees.

If you tell me to finance a car, I will tell you that I cannot afford $50 a month. The reason for this is a car is not an asset or a long-term investment. A car is a liability that will cost you money instead of making you money.

When going into this business, think of it as a long term business investment. As well as looking for the right machine, you need to look for the right brand, the right return on investment, the right marketing support that the supplier has to offer. If a brand cannot market themselves, how can they market your business? Remember a TV advert can be marketing support, or a pop up poster costing $20 can also be marketing support. As a savvy business customer, you need to look for marketing support value that the brand can offer.

An example of this would be the US giant McDonalds. This is the most powerful burger chain in the world. Forget whether it is the best burger or not for the moment, but if you spend a million pound just to have the M outside your store, you will be the most successful burger shop in town. If I get the chance, I would definitely spend a million pound on McDonalds rather than spending $100,000 to open a regular burger shop with the best burger. The truth is, most people do not get this chance to finance a million dollar.

Business people need to understand that they are in this industry to make a good living, not for fun. So weather you are in the US, Europe, Australia or Asia. Look for the highest return on investment on a business rather than a local supplier that is down the street from you.


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