The Benefits of Pico Lasers for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo regret is a common phenomenon, and laser tattoo removal has become the go-to solution for those who want to get rid of unwanted ink. One of the latest and most advanced technologies in laser tattoo removal is the Pico laser, such as the AW3® Flash Pico™. Pico lasers have quickly become the preferred choice of clinicians due to their impressive efficacy and safety profile. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Pico lasers for tattoo removal.

What is a Pico laser?

Pico lasers, like the AW3® Flash Pico™, are the latest generation of lasers used for tattoo removal. They are an advanced form of Q-switched lasers, which use short bursts of high-intensity light to break up tattoo ink particles into tiny fragments that can be naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system. The Pico laser is unique in that it emits ultra-short pulses of light, measured in picoseconds, which is 100 times faster than traditional Q-switched lasers. This rapid pulse rate means that the Pico laser can break up tattoo ink into smaller particles, resulting in more efficient and effective removal.

Benefits of Pico Lasers for Tattoo Removal

Faster and More Effective Results

Pico lasers, like the AW3® Flash Pico™, are known for their impressive speed and efficiency in removing tattoos. The ultra-short pulses emitted by Pico lasers are so powerful that they can break down the ink particles into much smaller fragments than other laser technologies. This results in faster, more efficient tattoo removal and fewer treatments needed to achieve optimal results.


Pico lasers, like the AW3® Flash Pico™, can be used on a variety of skin types and can effectively remove a range of tattoo colors, including those that are notoriously difficult to treat, such as greens and blues. This versatility makes Pico lasers an excellent option for clinicians looking to provide comprehensive tattoo removal services to their clients.

Fewer Side Effects

Pico lasers, like the AW3® Flash Pico™, are much gentler on the skin than traditional lasers, which can cause scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other side effects. Because Pico lasers emit ultra-short pulses, the skin is exposed to less heat, resulting in fewer side effects and a quicker recovery time.

High Patient Satisfaction

Patients who undergo Pico laser tattoo removal with the AW3® Flash Pico™ are often impressed with the speed and efficiency of the treatment. The rapid pulse rate of the AW3® Flash Pico™ means that clients can see significant results in just a few treatments, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates. The AW3® Flash Pico™‘s ultra-fast pulse rate means that the skin is exposed to less heat, making the treatment much more comfortable for clients.

In conclusion, Pico lasers, like the AW3® Flash Pico™, are a revolutionary technology in the field of laser tattoo removal. They offer faster, more efficient, and safer tattoo removal than traditional Q-switched lasers. If you’re considering tattoo removal, ask your clinician about Pico laser technology, such as the AW3® Flash Pico™, to get the best results possible.

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