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A New Hair Removal System That Weds Affordability with Quality

Shaving regularly is a huge pain. Being able to go to a salon and have unwanted hair removed straight from the follicle is a big deal. It means they have to shave less! People love that, and the hair removal industry is blowing up because of it. It’s one of the most popular services at laser clinics, and it’s gaining steam around the entire globe.

New technology has made it possible for salons to purchase and these hair removal machines at a much lower cost than before, making them a solid investment. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to buying a hair removal machine for your salon, and the search can be overwhelming. You want something that’s not going to cost your salon a small fortune, but it still needs to be an effective machine. Your customers rely on you for quality and timely service, after all!

Laser hair removal systems can be astronomically expensive. IPL systems came onto the market as a response, offering a far lower price point. But they weren’t always as effective as Laser – until now. AW3 offers Super IPL systems that aren’t only affordable, but they’re effective, efficient, and versatile. With nothing but high quality parts from respected manufacturers, these superior machines deliver better results than any other IPL or SHR on the market.

The super IPL system machines work 10 times faster than other IPL systems, completing a full legs treatment in only 15 minutes. Unlike most IPL machines, this series can treat tanned skin, dark skin, and white hair. It’s also capable of clearing acne and reducing wrinkles, and it’s far safer than regular IPL systems.

How is this possible?

Well, the Super IPL has made a number of changes to the IPL system to upgrade its performance. Firstly, it ditches the single-pulse mode of older machines, which made it easier to burn patients, in exchange for a safe multi-pulse mode. It also filters out UV and infrared light, minimizing risk of side-effects. It functions at a higher frequency range in order to achieve a faster operating speed, minimizing treatment time. Finally, to counter the main problem with other IPL systems (they use a light spectrum that is too broad, making them less efficient), the AW3 Super IPL systems use the standard 640-950nm wavelength range, not only improving results but also minimizing patient pain.

The systems are also durable and easy to operate. The handle of the machine, the part that typically suffers the most wear and tear, is made from only the most durable material and UK quality controlled, meaning it will last longer than other IPL machines. The software interface is also specifically designed and programmed for a user-friendly experience, so that your employees can focus on their patients rather than on trying to figure out how to operate their own equipment.

Thanks to breakthroughs in technology, hair removal treatments don’t need to break the bank or leave customers feeling like they wasted their money. Systems like the AW3 Super IPL offer affordability and quality. As the field of hair removal continues to expand, the AW3 Super IPL system will remain at the forefront of this popular, lucrative industry.