AW3® Clarity™ 2000

HIFU Body Contouring & Non Surgical Facelift 

HIFU- Clarity 2000

A combination platform to offer treatments of the body and the face. The purpose is to tighten the skin using high intensity focused ultrasound.

The treatment is extremely effective to stimulate collagen production, removing stubborn fat, lines and cellulite to the body. The facial treatment side of the machine is extremely effective in stimulating collagen production, removing fine lines, and wrinkles to the face and neck.

The machine consist of an 8 inch touch screen- control panel with simple treatment modes. The curve looking shape of the machine is very easy to clean, maintain and beautifully designed.

When AW3 produced the Clarity Hifu system, our aim was to develop this cosmetic machine with a true medical results in mind.  Achieving a true medical result sets us apart from all the other Hifu machines on the market.

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