AW3® Regeneration?

Co2-fraktionierter Laser

Deep Scar Removal & Mole Removal

Das Entfernen von Muttermalen erfordert keine Operation mehr und das Verfeinern von Narben ist kein magischer Mythos mehr.

The Regeneration machine is a metal constructed device, it is designed and developed by AW3 to push to another boundaries of lasers! The system produces extraordinary results, pushing every other technology out of it?s way, making this one medical device that every clinic should have.

Der Articulate-Griff lässt sich in 6 verschiedene Positionen biegen, wodurch die Behandlung für den Techniker vielseitiger, flexibler und präziser wird.

Removing moles no longer require surgery and refining scars is no longer a magic myth. Laser systems are made to remove hair, tattoos,  and even cut though steel. But refining scars is probably the most difficult task to accomplish.  With the complex technology of the Regeneration machine, AW3 is proud to innovate this system into another league of laser precision.

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