AW3® Bullet S Line™

Super Light System

Introducing the AW3® Bullet S Line™, the ultimate Super IPL device that delivers unparalleled speed and efficacy. Experience hair removal sessions that are faster and more convenient compared to traditional IPL systems.

Our commitment to continuous innovation and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction has made the AW3® Bullet S Line™ immensely popular among clients worldwide. Experience the power of Super IPL technology with the AW3® Bullet S Line™ and unlock smooth, hair-free skin like never before.

one system, multiple treatments

Hair Removal and multple skin treatments using 1 technology. 

  • Lightning-Fast Speed: Experience unparalleled efficiency with the AW3® Bullet S Line™. It is 10 times faster than any IPL systems, delivering a full legs treatment in just 10 minutes. Say goodbye to long, time-consuming sessions.

  • Pain-Free Experience: We prioritize client comfort. With our Super IPL technology, the AW3® Bullet S Line™ ensures a virtually pain-free treatment, making hair removal a breeze.

  • Enhanced Safety: Our advanced system is engineered to be almost impossible to burn the skin, providing a high level of safety for both clients and practitioners.

  • Versatility: The AW3® Bullet S Line™ surpasses limitations. It effectively treats tanned skin, white hair, and dark skin types, ensuring optimal results for a diverse range of clients.

  • Uncompromising Quality: AW3® utilizes top-quality branded parts, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability. Our system is meticulously programmed to achieve exceptional results, surpassing any other IPL or SHR system available.

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