Paula’s AW3® Flash Combo™ is Helping Her Expand Business & Meet Growing Client Demands

Meet Paula, the owner of Skins and Needles Cambridgeshire, who has a background in body piercing, Paula’s journey with AW3® began in 2017, driven by a desire to meet the growing demand for tattoo removal services in her studio. Let’s explore how Paula’s decision to integrate AW3® technology has propelled her business to new heights, meeting client demand and expanding treatment offerings.

Discovering AW3® Excellence

Amidst the sea of options in the laser industry, AW3® stood out to Paula for its exceptional reputation and outstanding results. Entranced by the promise of superior technology, Paula embarked on her journey with the AW3® Flash Ink, laying the foundation for transformative treatments and impeccable client satisfaction.

Upgrading to the AW3® Flash Combo™

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for meeting client needs, Paula made the bold decision to upgrade to the AW3® Flash Combo™ machine two years ago. With its dynamic combination of ND Yag en IPL technologies, the Flash Combo™ opened new avenues for Skins and Needles, allowing Paula to offer a diverse range of treatments, from tattoo removal to advanced hair removal solutions.

Meeting an Evergrowing Client Demand

As word of Skins and Needles’ exceptional results spread, client demand surged, prompting Paula to expand her treatment offerings further. With the versatility of the AW3® Flash Combo™, Paula seamlessly met the evolving needs of her clientele, providing tailored solutions that delivered unparalleled results and client satisfaction.

Business Boom & Personal Growth

The integration of AW3® technology proved to be a catalyst for Skins and Needles’ remarkable growth. From part-time operations to now a bustling full-time enterprise, Paula’s dedication and the efficacy of AW3® technology have transformed her business landscape. With weekdays bustling with six to ten clients and weekends seeing up to 20 appointments a day, Skins and Needles has become synonymous with excellence in aesthetics.

The AW3® Difference

Paula’s journey with AW3® technology is not just about machines; it’s about partnership and support. With a UK-based team dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expertise, Paula found more than just a technology provider – she found a trusted ally in her quest for excellence. From prompt responses to Instagram-worthy results, AW3® has been the cornerstone of Skins and Needles’ success.

Join Paula on her extraordinary journey with AW3®, where innovation meets excellence and client satisfaction reigns supreme. With the AW3® Flash Combo™ by her side, Paula has transformed Skins and Needles into a beacon of aesthetic perfection, meeting client demand and expanding horizons with every treatment. Experience the AW3® difference today and unlock the potential of your aesthetic practice.

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