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A Globally renowned manufacturer of energy-based devices, leading innovation in medical & aesthetic lasers for over 25 years.

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The finest technology with clinically proven results


As an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer, our state of the art facility must be able to demonstrate our quality management processes and ensure best practice in everything we do, in order to meet this highly regulated standard. AW3 continously find ways to improve our technology year on year. Allowing us to cut costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency, tightening tolerances, and providing a more reliable product for our customers.

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Largest equipment manufacturer in UK & Europe with support centres worldwide. We are equipped with a 15,000 square foot factory packed with technological engineering equipment to serve our customers. With outstanding customer service and marketing support, AW3 team are here for your business. Helping thousands of clinics succeed worldwide, businesses will never feel alone when they are a part of the AW3 community.

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We’ve trained thousands! As much as it is important to have a great system, the training and technique itself is very important to achieve maximum results. With years of clinical trials, scientific research and development, we are able to pass on this experience to all our members. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we have a variety of options from online, offline, videos and in person practical training.

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“Onthul die magie! 🌟 Kyk hoe een van ons kliënte @sshealthclinics ons AW3 se Flash Combo-speletjieveranderende masjien verwelkom en begin om kliënte-ervarings te transformeer. Van aflewering tot die uitvoering van 'n houtskoollaser-gesigsbehandeling, sien die reis terwyl ons estetika verhoog. Dit is nie net 'n masjien nie; dit is 'n rewolusie in velsorg!

Verhef jou kliëntervaring, verhoog jou kliniek met AW3. ✨

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"Ontsluit stralende vel met die top 5 voordele van Carbon Laser Treatment! 🌟 – verjonging, diep skoonmaak, egalige velkleur, verminderde porieë, en geen stilstand nie.

Laat jou kliënte die transformasie ervaar. Bring hierdie transformerende behandeling na jou kliniek met die nuutste masjiene van AW3.

💫 Ontdek die towerkrag met AW3®' se voorpuntmasjiene en bied jou kliënte hierdie transformerende behandeling! ✨
Gereed om jou velsorgspeletjie te transformeer? Word 'n kliënt en herdefinieer skoonheid met AW3. 💖

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Wys een van ons gesertifiseerde kliënte @laserbyvintage 'n kliniek gebaseer in Manchester waar kliënte die naatlose mengsel van moderne estetika en die nuutste tegnologie kan ervaar.
Ons Schnelle-masjien neem die middelpunt en lewer uitsonderlike resultate in laserhaarverwydering. Kyk na hierdie katrol om die ongelooflike resultate te sien, waar presisie en gesofistikeerdheid ontmoet.

Verhef jou skoonheidsreis met AW3-uitnemendheid en word een van ons kliënte en gesertifiseerde verskaffer. ✨

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✨ “Die waarheid oor laserhaarverwydering” ✨

Mite 1: “Dit is pynlik” 💥
Realiteit: Laserhaarverwydering is relatief pynloos en word dikwels beskryf as 'n sensasie soortgelyk aan 'n rekkie-knip.

Mite 2: "Dit neem te lank om te behandel" ⏳
Realiteit: Sessies is vinnig, en jy sal resultate sien na net 'n paar behandelings, met elke sessie wat enige plek van 'n paar minute tot 'n uur duur.

Mite 3: “Dit is nie veilig nie” ☠️
Realiteit: Laserhaarverwydering is veilig wanneer dit deur opgeleide professionele persone uitgevoer word en met toepaslike toerusting.

Mite 4: “Dit is nie permanent nie” ❌
Realiteit: Laserhaarverwydering bied langdurige resultate, met baie wat permanente haarvermindering ervaar.

Mite 5: “Dit is nie geskik vir donker vel nie” 🌚
Realiteit: Moderne lasers is veilig en effektief vir verskeie veltipes, insluitend donker velkleure.

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Is jy gereed vir 2024? Met nuwe lyf???? AW3 sal jou help ✨💫

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Verwelkom 2024 met dankbaarheid: 'n Hartlike dankie aan almal wat deel was van ons reis - hierdie jaar, die verlede en verder! 🌟

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Ek wens jou 'n vreugdevolle en feestelike Kersseisoen gevul met warmte, lag en gekoesterde oomblikke. Mag hierdie vakansie vir jou en jou geliefdes 'n oorvloed van vreugde en geluk bring. Gelukkige feestyd vanaf AW3! 🎄🎉 🎁.

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Why Choose AW3®?

With AW3®, you can take your practice to the next level and provide your clients with the best possible results.


Real People. Real Results.

Emma Elliot
CEO and Founder

We have an AW3 V combo Plus in our clinic which offers Diode Laser for hair removal, ND yag for tattoo removal and IPL for skin treatments. We get amazing results with this system and has brought so much more business into our clinic.

Emma Elliot Training Academy

Georgia Louise
CEO and Founder

“Getting an AW3 machine completely changed my business model”

GL Clinic

CEO and Founder

If I was to describe AW3 in 3 words, It’s RESULTS, SUPPORTIVE and SUCCESS. My clinic wouldn’t be as successful if I was using another machine or company. Being in the industry for many years I can say that Allwhite Laser has the business blue print that I would definitely struggle without.

New Look- Australia

Stacy Jonaviciene
CEO and Founder

AW3 is amazing company to be associated with , great support, training, superb medical grade machines with great results always on hand to answer any questions.

Smart Skin Expert

Stephen Barrie
CEO and Founder

Allwhite Laser AW3 has been the perfect match for my business. The support, aftercare and traiing has been incredible.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Janece Rodgers
CEO and Founder

“If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life – the best technology machines & the best results is Allwhite Laser”

Laser & Skin

Beckie Lyon
CEO and Founder

AW3 is extremly helpful, the people are lovely to work with and are always there to support and guide us all the way.

Laser Away

Beth Kearney
CEO and Founder

Since embarking on my laser hair removal business I have been nothing but impressed and reassured with the Allwhite Laser machine and the company behind it. My clients are continuously extremely happy with the results after their visit to me and impressed with the high quality service and treatment they experience. It’s reassuring as a business owner to know that you have invested properly in an exceptional piece of machinery that will only enhance not only your business but you as a therapist.

B Beautiful

Lauren Addinall
CEO and Founder

Absolutely incredible, the Antartica machine and a fabulous company to work with. I cannot recommend enough.

No 1 Health & Beauty

Daanish Ansar
CEO and Founder

I went into this industry because I wanted to help other men like myself feel comfortable in their own hair & skin. AW3 are amazing in all aspects, from their powerful brand, reliability and top of the range laser hair removal machines. Their customer support is fantastic and I am very glad that I am part of the King of Lasers.

Laser Men