Laser Suppliers Bankrupt

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Over the years there were countless of machine owners who were left in difficulties trying to solve a technical problem which they were encountering. The machine cannot be serviced because the actual manufacturer of the machine cannot be found when the reselling company / supplier decide to go bust.

It is important to buy and train from a reputable manufacturer with extensive research and development.  Don’t buy into a machine or a middle-man with a fancy office in Central London, buy into the company, the training and the business itself. Looking at a machine’s spec sheet is not enough and can sometimes be incorrect; feel the machine and the company as a whole and the warranty that actually mean something.

Look out for transparency such as pricing, where the factory is based and a clear website literature must be available for all members of the public to view anytime without any hidden facts or salesman tactics. A larger organisation will not only offer systems that is better value for money but are always willing to give aftercare support without hesitation.

A good training course is one thing; a good machine is another, a great brand is something else. Together these combined will make a great business, a business that will grow for the long term.

AW3 Laser Hair Removal Training

Laser Hair Removal Training

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