Le plus puissant ou le plus PowerFOOL ? Machine d'épilation au laser dans le monde.

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The most powerful Laser Hair Removal machine in the world!

Do you have the most powerful laser in the world or the most PowerFOOL laser in the world?

“Anyone advertising the most powerful laser machine, is imitating IPL technology. Singeing the hair so the follicles pop out immediately after the treatment is a short-term result, this is just damaging the shaft, not destroying the hair follicles. The higher the power, the shorter the pulse time, therefore less treatment results. Like baking a cake, the higher the power the faster you burn the crust with an uncooked centre.

The cheapest IPL machine actually has a higher power than most lasers & you only need to go over the treated area once. Hair shaft singes and pops out, resulting in hair growing back quicker. Having said that, IPL is not a bad technology, just a different one.

Gliding over the area 4-6 times with longer pulse time destroys the follicles. Gliding over the area once with a higher-powered laser only singes the hair shaft. The effect is more pain, with a higher risk of burning & short-term results.

The next time someone tells you they have the most powerful laser in the world, steer away. If it?s not a fake, it?s less effective for the purpose of hair removal.”

James Daniel- Biomedical Engineer at Allwhite Laser AW3.