AW3® Tone?

Săn chắc nó, điêu khắc nó, thắt chặt nó, săn chắc nó!

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Nền tảng săn chắc cơ thể Ultimate để loại bỏ cellulite, làm săn chắc cơ, nâng mông và săn chắc da. 

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Introducing the Tone? system - the ultimate workout companion. The latest in electromagnetic sculpting technology, the Tone? system delivers results in just 30 minutes. Our comfortable pads are expertly engineered to focus the technology for maximum results. Upgrade your fitness routine with the Tone? system, built with superior quality, industry-leading research and development, and unparalleled customer support. Don't miss out on the most talked-about treatment of the year, Experience the future of fitness now with the Tone? system, available exclusively from AW3. 

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