AW3® Flash Nano™


Tattoo Removal & Pigmentation Removal of all colours

The AW3 Flash Nano is designed specifically to remove tattoos and pigmentation of all colours. The added function offers various treatments for skin conditions such as birthmark removal, nevus of Ota as well as skin rejuvenation.

This is bigger, bolder and better than the standard tattoo removal system. The 6 joint articulate arm makes the system more versatile and aiming more precise. It is designed to remove tattoos in less treatment sessions as well as making each treatment time quicker for the technician. The system is built for professional tattoo removal clinics looking to take up another level of professionalism in their results.

AW3 collaborated with leading brands to implement many customisations into this system, making it the most effective tattoo removal system that every professional clinic should have. The quality and supremacy is perfected to science and the king of lasers will not stamp the AW3 brand on the market if there is something better of its range.

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