AW3® Flash Combo™

The 2 in 1 system

Not a Combi, or a Combine or some other abbreviated "Combo" brand. This system is the original Flash Combo™ and the first official of it's kind. Using IPL technology for hair removal and multiple skin treatments, and ND Yag Q-Switch for tattoo removal makes this system very versatile. 

2 in one system

Combining with Elight and ND Yag for tattoo removal, hair removal and skin treatments.

ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal & IPL Hair Removal This beautifully designed equipment has the best of both worlds! The 2 in one machine is a Laser ND Yag system combined with an IPL machine. There are 2 handles so each one has its own duty of treatments. Removing tattoos and unwanted hair is done all in one place without the need of another machine.

The system also offer a variety of other skin treatments such as skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. The ND Yag is equipped with laser target as standard for super precision aiming, making your job much easier to gain higher customer satisfactions. This is a registered device, copyrighted and trademarked verified. This is not a poor imitation like similar looking machines.


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