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Four common mistakes when opening a laser clinic

 Featuring in The Salon Magazine “FOUR COMMON MISTAKES WHEN OPENING A LASER CLINIC” Looking for the best deal is…

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KING OF LASERS®- Be part of the most successful laser brand in the world

“Aesthetic treatments is a long term investment and how it can help your business grow in terms of revenue.” When…

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Guild Magazine Cover

AW3 featuring in Guild Magazine front cover.

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The importance of advanced technology in salons

What are the benefits of introducing advanced technology in-salon? In the next 5 years, every salon in every street corner…

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Salon Magazine ft Jay Hutton

'Designing is our passion, Quality is our brand, building your machine is our business.' Be part of the most successful laser…

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Laser hair removal business Christmas

Open Laser hair removal business and have the training by Christmas. The holiday season is a busy time of year.…

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What is HIFU?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound- Allwhite Laser Hifu system  The first investigations of HIFU for non-invasive treatments for abnormally fast heart rhythms…

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What Is Better Than A Laser Franchise?

Franchises are highly successful. Over 95% of Franchises that opened in the last 5 years are going strong. Why are…

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Is Fat Freeze the Future?

Fad or the Future? We all have our problem areas, that little bit of stubborn fat we just can’t budge.…

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The Future of fat freeze training and business

Fad or the Future? We all have our problem areas, that little bit of stubborn fat we just can’t budge.…

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GuildFatFreeze 400x300xc - Blog

Fat Freeze Business

Businesses are now beating the bulge with cutting edge technology in the form of Fat Freeze. Clinical data proves that…

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Laser Vs IPL

Is IPL better than Laser? or is Laser better than IPL? Some people vote IPL while others vote laser. But…

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