AW3® Antarctica™


New Improved 2021 MDR Model

Using the Super Laser Lipo technology, combining with fat freeze, and cavitation, make this system a complete fat buster machine. Some customers want laser, other wants cryo fat freeze or cavitation and some wants radio frequency skin tightening. It’s so difficult to please everybody and competing with other competitors. Now with the AW3® Antarctica™ you can please all customer as everything is done in 1 place. This piece of equipment is truly astonishing and the results are clinically proven to produce a superior outcome. The meaning of Antarctica said it all, big white iceberg, giving a powerful freezing impact is just what this system does!

This is a registered medical device of the latest MDR Regulation May 2021, copyrighted and trademarked verified. This is not a poor imitation like similar looking machines.

medical grade

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