AW3® V – Combo™ Plus

The Ultimate 3 in 1 system

Using Crystal Freeze® Diode Laser for super fast hair removal combined with IPL technology for various skin treatments, and ND Yag Q-Switch for tattoo removal makes this system complete and second to none. Some customers want laser, others want IPL and some want ND Yag.
all in one system

Now with the V-Combo™ Plus you can please all customers as everything is done in 1 place.

Customers now a days can be difficult to please as competitors are offering different types of technology which can be confusing to the clients. Now with the V-Combo™ Plus you can please all customers as everything is done in 1 place.

Many combined machines are designed on a budget where they share the main components such as power, handle plugs or switching. By reducing or share of main components, this can decrease the performance compared to a single technology system. The V combo plus take this to another leap, and AW3 refuse to compromise on components, quality and performance, otherwise we will not launch it to the market.

AW3 have invested in millions of dollars and 20 years plus of research and development to increase the performance of a combined machine to ensure of this, if we launched it to the market, it must out perform every single aspect of a single technology system, or we don't launch it at all. So we did it, and we made it better.  To do this, we have to make the system completely modular and separate all main parts without loosing any machine power and energy being delivered to the skin as well as the overall performance.

They said it couldn't be done, but we proved everybody wrong. Using branded parts, quality built, separated of parts internally aswell as modern manufacturing technology has made this system one of a kind compared to any other machine. The built standard is to have all the technologies in 1 without compromising in component costs and quality. 

The V Combo Plus have a proven track record that the system has provided better performance and results than any others of it's kind.Thousands of AW3 clinics owners worldwide has achieved phenomenal results with AW3 technologies. With the great support of our customers, AW3 continue to invest millions back into our research and development to provide users with a better experience, ensuring that we produce the most desirable machine in the world.

Triplicity™ Wavelength in 1 Hair Removal Handle

Alexandrite 755nm For wider range of hair and colours

Diode 808 / 810nm For general laser hair removal at a super speed

YAG 1064nm Deeper follicle penetration and darker skin focused.


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