A importância da tecnologia avançada em salões

importância das tecnologias avançadas nos salões

As we have entered the 21st century and outdated technology in any business will be harmful until you have shops that sell “classic products”. Advanced technologies and has been the core of businesses world-wide as things get more technical there are plethora business up and running in modern technologies. Introduction of advanced technologies in Salons are no different. In this blog we will discuss about the importance and benefits of these technologies in your business.

What is the importance of Advanced Technologies in Salons

In the next 5 years, every salon in every street corner will be using advanced technology for treatment services. This includes lasers, tattoo removal, fat loss removal and skin tightening treatments. People are more adapted to non surgical treatments using technology rather than going down the route of needles or knives.

Business owners are ditching the wax pots as well as traditional beauty methods. Technologies are able to bring clients better results as well as making it effortless for the technician. In return, staff are able to spend more time running the business to provide a better customer service while business owners are able to grow their business.

Which factors should salon owners consider when determining the most Advanced Technologies in Salons

Nowadays local clientele is not the only option. We are not in the 90s. We have the power of social media as well as brand awareness and success stories of using the correct brand.

It is not the same thing as getting your nails done or your legs wax. People will travel to clinics offering a good product and technologies.

Technology alone is not enough, using a good brand will provide clients with the extra re-assurance meaning they will choose you over your competitors.

There are hundreds of courses and manufacturers available on the market, but only a handful are taught reputable qualified teachers or doctors.

If you are trained by a non-accredited person, your insurance may become void. In this industry we do not want to put ourselves at risk of just buying the insurance. Whether the insurance will pay out or not is another matter.

Importance of advanced technologies in

Are there any particular advanced treatments that are currently proving popular?

Hair removal is the most popular industry after all almost everyone has unwanted hair, but the competition is also higher so make sure you invest in a reputable brand as it is still one of the best investments. In recent years, tattoo removal is a very popular choice as old tattoos are bad and people with regrets either want to get rid of it altogether or get a new one.

Again, investing in a good machine is one thing, but using a better brand will bring your business with a higher return on investment.

Fat loss business is the third most popular choice as I am sure there are more people with unwanted hair than unwanted body weight. But in terms of business prospective, it is very profitable as there is less competition.

In recent years, there has been a craze with Botox and facelift. However, one of the hottest business presently is HIFU which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

As we age collagen cells become depleted causing the skin to become lax and develop fine lines and wrinkles.

By using the AW3 Clarity™ Hifu system, it delivers the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths in to the skin at the right temperature to trigger a natural response under the skin. This will jump starts the regenerative process that produces fresh new collagen. As fresh new collagen is produced the skin becomes tighter and firmer, pushing out wrinkles to give a younger firmer complexion.

How can salons market this technology once they have introduced it into their salon/spa?

People seem to dwell over- my technology and machine is better than yours so therefore I am going to be more successful and win all the customers. WRONG!

Let’s just say your machine is made of gold, but nobody ever heard of it before.  So now you start to tell your existing customers (If you have any) about the golden machine and the glory it has to offer.

They will instantly be in-treed, but since this is a semi- medical procedure, your customers would like to know where, how, when as well as any previous clinical data, results and the efficiency of the system.

Without this, even if your system is made of Diamonds, you will loose that customer against your competitor that uses a reputable well known system. So never buy an unknown system with no clinical trial and research.

Always ask where the machine come from as well as all of it’s data, certification and the type of support you are getting.

When businesses buy a machine and training, the key point which they forget to look for is marketing support. I mean any supplier can offer businesses with marketing support. A TV advert is marketing support and an unknown brand with a few flyer or window poster with cut and paste images from google is also marketing support.

Remember a brand is not just a Logo and you are paying for success and not just the machine or training itself. If a company struggle to market themselves, why would they bother with you and how will your business be known?

It takes years of good reputation and a team of experienced marketers in order to grow a brand, which your potential customers have already heard of and your competitors be afraid of.

Let me ask you a question if you are a shop owner, would you sell Coca-cola or unbranded cola? The truth is, you will not even stock Cola for free if your customers do not desire it. Unless Pepsi comes along and presents you with a better return on investment for your shop, of course.

Now I am not saying we are as big as Coca-cola or Pepsi, but within the laser industry, you would only want to be associated with the King of Lasers!

Importance of Advanced technologies in salons cannot be less less highlighted as there you need technologies that are up-to-date and require constant update so that there is a link with your customers.

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