Fat Freeze Machine


Fat Freeze Training Courses

Everyone wants to lose weight. The weight loss industry is a huge and ever expanding. In recent years, some companies are making up to 6.5 billion in revenue for weight loss nutrition, and there are tons and tons of other solutions out there, from dieting to exercise to juice cleanses.

Perhaps the most effective solution is liposuction. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive and invasive, and in order to offer it you must be a medical professional. But now, there’s a better solution! Not only is it far more affordable and less invasive, now you can easily offer the service right in your spa or clinic and watch the customers flock to you.

I’m talking about Freeze Sculpting machines, the latest and greatest weight loss technology. Now, if you’re sceptical, there are two fantastic machines out there in particular that will change your mind and make you a believer. The AW3 Antarctica and the AW3 Sub Zero are two very high-quality, effective, and clinically proven machines that you can invest in your spa. The complete package will include the training, huge marketing resources and ongoing support.

The AW3 Sub Zero is a special machine because it offers a unique non-invasive treatment, unlike many other treatments out there. This is a must-have for all clinics and spas! It will immediately freeze your client’s fat cells, kill it off and exit your body through the lymphatic system. This quick and simple procedure is probably one of the most loved treatment on the beauty and medical market today! On top of that, it’s incredibly affordable to maintain due to the latest AW3 innovated cleaning technology, making it the highest return for investment.

The AW3 Antarctica is another leap up. This system combines the fat freezing technology with Super Laser Lipo and cavitation technology to make it incredibly effective for killing those fat cells. The added on radio frequency and Cavitation technology is a plus to this system, where it will tighten and lift the skin after the fat loss procedure. The technology is also great for treatments such as Brazilian bum lift and cellulite removal.

By combining several different technology with fat freezing, the machine is a one-stop-shop to achieve superior results.

The Training

Fat Freeze training is very simple, the machines are so easy to use, and the learning process is a breeze. AW3 offers comprehensive training courses with every machine purchase. Years of research, development, trial and testing have made the AW3 trainers very knowledgeable on the machines,

The training will provide businesses with tips, techniques and inside business knowledge.

This highly valuable information is only accessible to AW3 machines owners. The friendly user interface, and easily operated handles are designed so that businesses can be up and running immediately without having to fiddle with difficult settings.

The best part is that your learning does not end when your training is over. AW3 teachers and their support team remain available to continue answering your questions and providing assistance in the future!

At AW3, we don’t just achieve good results, we achieve the best results in the fat loss industry.

There simply aren’t any other fat freezing machines or techniques out there that mirror the AW3 Sub Zero and AW3 Antarctica machines in quality, effectiveness, safety, ease-of-use, and extraordinary results. AW3 continues to use cutting edge technology to exceed all customer expectations. Years of research and development in precise manufacturing processes, AW3 has become an internationally renowned manufacturer in laser and fat loss machines.