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1x Super Light handle and 1x Elight IPL handle combined in one machine. Instead of treating small areas using a large handle or treating a large area using a small handle (this can be inadequate for the technician), the Rocket S Line™ has the best of both worlds to simplify operation even further. With both handles and 2 technologies combined in 1 machine, making treatments on all areas much more effective for the customer and more efficient for the technician rather than just 1 handle alone. Super IPL is great when it come to hair removal and skin rejuvenation, but IPL combined with RF technology are known to perform better for other skin treatments such as pigmentation and wrinkle reduction.

  • 10 times faster than any IPL systems- Full legs treatment in just 15 minutes
  • No pain to the clients and is almost impossible to burn with Super IPL
  • Able to treat tanned skin, white hair and dark skin better.
  • AW3® uses quality branded parts, and the system is precisely programmed to achieve superior results compared to any other IPL or SHR system on Earth
  • This is a registered device, copyrighted and trademarked verified. This is not a poor imitation of similar looking machines.

This is a registered device, copyrighted and trademarked verified. This is not a poor imitation like similar looking machines.

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Product Description

How to be more successful than a franchised clinic?

AW3® Rocket S Line™

Super IPL & Standard IPL with built in RF- Faster, safer, easier and better

  1. Remove unwanted hair
  2. Rejuvenate skin
  3. Pigmentation clearance
  4. Wrinkle reduction


The stand is not included with this machine, you can buy this separately at check out


Technical Specification:Super IPL & Standard IPL with built in RF
Handle Number2 Handles (1 Large and 1 Small)
Light Source:Intense Pulsed Light (Super IPL & Standard IPL light)
Function: 1. Remove unwanted hair 

2. Rejuvenate skin 

3. Pigmentation clearance

5. Wrinkle reduction

Spot Size:15 × 50 mm super IPL &  8 × 40 mm IPL +RF
Cooling Technologies:Air & liquid cooling machine with crystal freeze technology handle 
Light Energy: 1-50 J/cm2 (adjustable)
Pulse Duration:2~15ms (adjustable)
Pulse repetition rate:1-10 Hz
Continuesly shooting1-30s
Working Hours:8-12 hours continuously between 20°C to 25°C
Integrated Skin Cooling:-40C ~ +100C
Control Interface:8.4” super responsive LCD touch screen
Electrical Source:100/110V, 50~60Hz; 220~260V, 50~60Hz
Drive Power:2400W-3000W

Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 76×57×58cm
Part Box: 58×41×32
SCW: 71kg


Training Class Real Footage

Complete Package

The complete package is more than just buying a machine with simple operational training.  It includes our certified qualifications as well as the below. This intensive training is a must, after which, our team is available to offer you ongoing support if you ever have queries on the treatment, customers, or equipment servicing. We only use qualified doctors, qualified teachers or qualified examining accessors to provide the training. Always check trainers certification to ensure that they are qualified to teach you to become accredited, otherwise your certification is invalidated even if you are insured. 

  1. AW3 Certified qualification. Full training including theory, practical, consultation, pre-treatment plan, contra-indications, support and many more.  Some machines offer more than 1 treatment, we will train you in depth on all the treatments that the machine has to offer.
  2. Core of knowledge & Laser Safety Certified – Required only for Tattoo Removal, Hair Removal & Class 4 Lasers.
  3. You will be listed on our websites where customers can book with you directly.  There are no franchise rules and fees for this service. *terms below
  4. Professional marketing soft copies such as banners, posters, flyers etc…
  5. Ongoing training support
  6. Yearly discount on servicing of your machine which is required by the local authority and insurance companies.
  7. Priceless consultation forms written by our litigation solicitor to avoid no win no fee claims.
  8. Fast track to become VTCT Level 4 qualified if required in the UK (Not applicable for USA, AU, Europe and Asia)
  9. Be part of the largest laser & cosmetic organisation in the world.

*Location Listing Terms:  As part of this successful business referral scheme, we have the right to choose who we list on our websites “Find Location” page. Centre listing is available for everyone who buys our systems, however if you lack in professionalism, we have the right not to list you.


Training the correct way is just as important as having a great system.  No third party training school or college understands the system as well as the manufacturer does.  To ensure excellent quality control, we would strongly advise that you are fully trained by an approved AW3 trainer who is either a qualified Teaching accessor or a qualified Doctor.  This will enable you to achieve the best possible results for your future clients, even if you are an experienced technician.  A rule of thumb is never to have training in one place and buy a machine from another. It always ends up in disaster where the trainer does not fully understand a third party machine, (and) vice versa some manufacturers are behind in treatment techniques due to their lack of research and development into their own machines.  This will limit the operator to achieve the maximum results no matter how good the machine is.

Is the training difficult?

An intuitive user interface makes training a lot more fun and simple.  Years of extensive research and improvements, have enabled our engineers to design the AW3 machines to simplify the user’s experience. Parameters and other settings are automatically set on our machines, which fundamentally makes the training simpler for the students.  Systems that lack innovative technology can be very time consuming for the trainer and the student, where training can take days or even weeks. Advanced technology, improved techniques and a better training structure has cut this down dramatically. When things are simple to you, they will be simple for your customers which will result in a better treatment service.

Our business reputation is your business reputation 

As a leading manufacturer, we use the AW3 systems within our affiliated clinics worldwide.  To protect our branding and reputation, we only distribute the same equipment to businesses that we use ourselves.

  • A quality machine and quality training = Greatest results
  • A poor machine and quality training = OK results
  • A quality machine and poor training = Good results
  • A poor machine and poor training = Next to No results!

After Sales

To ensure that your business is successful, we are here to help. A good machine and training is one thing, but getting ongoing support is just as equally important.  Depending on the package that you buy, we will offer support to that specific order. Your success is important to us because it is a reflection on our branding. Whether it is marketing, a training issue, operation of machine, customer’s problems etc…feel free to contact us for support.  We pride ourselves in giving quality after sales and support, we want you to become a valued member rather than just a customer.


  • The most recognised branding in the industry – Be part of a global leader
  • Constant Innovation to be ahead of the fast paced technological world
  • Using the highest quality parts and components from leading brands
  • Countless clinics worldwide uses AW3 so you can have faith in a system that works
  • AW3 systems can be used on everybody – Not restricted unless you have certain medical conditions
  • A strong team of experienced engineers and government approved trainers
  • Simplicity – AW3 systems requires effortless work for the technician
  • Only certified training is being offered
  • Durability and reliability of our systems are exceptional
  • Outstanding customer support
  • European Medical Standard for most machines & FDA Standards for some machines


Why AW3®? AW3 is the leader in advanced medical and cosmetic equipment since 1998. AW3’s research and development factory is based in the UK. We have been manufacturing Laser machines from IPL, tattoo removal to Laser Lipo systems.  With offices in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, we are proud to say that our systems are being used worldwide by leading doctors, beauticians as well as colleges. What makes AW3 different is we do not only produce cosmetic machines, we also carry out the procedures throughout our affiliated locations worldwide. This makes us proud to train our new partners using the system that works.  

Who can be trained? Anyone! We don’t just restrict our training to Beauticians or Doctors. If you are looking to buy our machines, nobody can train you better than the people who build them. There are techniques, settings and experience which other trainers may not know to pass down this knowledge to you, which will result in an ineffective treatment no matter how good the machine is. Even though you may already have been trained previously, this will not make you an expert in using our system. There are different technologies, parameters, settings and contraindications which differ from system to system.  It is not the same as having a car licence where you are able to drive any car.

How is training conducted? Training is being carried out in various forms depending on the student’s location. Online webinar, in person practical lessons and skype video chat are the types of training. We want to ensure you leave us as confident as possible. Online training is fantastic for those in urban locations which in our opinion is just as great or even better as you will learn better in the comfort of your own space. Online training does not mean you will receive less of an experience. The treatment itself is as simple as 1 2 3. The main things are the knowledge which we will pass down to you. If you are still not 100% confident after the online training, you can visit our training centre for a refresher at no extra costs, though nobody has taken up this offer as the online training is very effective. For you, most importantly is the after support, where your dedicated trainer will provide ongoing answers to your questions so that you are not left in a difficult situation.

How long is the training? In the past it would take many days or even weeks. The advanced technology of our machines has made training much more simple for the students. Intuitive user interface, automatic parameter settings, improved techniques and better training structure has cut this down dramatically. Training now takes 1 day, let our machines do the work so you don’t have to. After you have trained with us, you can always contact a member of our team for advice and support.

Do I need insurance? Our accredited teacher has conducted the training materials which means our certification is insurance approved. As part of our training we will provide you with details of where you can purchase insurance. This is your responsibility to follow up and purchase the insurance prior to carrying out treatment.

I have trained with another company but I am not happy, what can you offer me? Unfortunately we do have many people approach us after buying from other companies whereby the results, training and equipment provided are ineffective. We can offer further training and advice to help you get the best results possible. Please contact a member of our team to discuss options.

It is a mine field with different prices offered by different companies, how can I be sure? Laser and advanced beauty machines have commercially been around since the 90’s and many systems today are outdated, have incorrect machine specs, are unregulated, and sometimes even counterfeit!  Results and prices can hugely differ from one company to the next. Some suppliers or resellers are not improving technology regularly, whilst others sell poor quality systems giving customers bad results.  So what makes a good system? The actual parts within the machine and components inside the handle make a good laser system. This is where AW3’s fresh and innovative ideas came in and reinvented the laser industry as a whole.  AW3 has a strict quality control ensuring that the machinery are of the highest standard to reflect our branding. We do not compromise on quality and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible pricing and experience.

Why is your machine the best? Every company says their machines are the best, but what is actually the best?  The design, beauty and specifications of our machines speaks for itself. Not only are our machines beautifully designed, we collaborate our manufacturing process with Samsung Korea, Dilas Germany and Mitsubishi Japan which is then designed and developed in the UK.  By being the best, we have to constantly update our hardware and software on a regular basis. Using old 90’s technology with basic functionality and unbranded parts is not the concept of our business. So by being the best manufacturer we were one of the first to bring liquid cooling and crystal freeze to the laser industry, and one of the first to incorporate Samsung CPU parts touch-screen to our machines.  We also incorporated the change of a simple filter on 1 handle instead of changing the machine handles for different treatments. Our machine is designed to give the best results with minimal side effects, thus meaning you have peace of mind that your customers are less likely to suffer burns or other significant side effects.

What else has our machines has to offer? The results are defined by hardware and software, working harmoniously together to offer a super-fast treatment time and we continue to refine that experience to offer an intuitive user interface that other systems lack.  Our systems are designed to work in the most simplified way with minimal discomfort for your client. This is one other reason why our students can learn to use our systems much more easily than any other systems.

What other benefits of buying from us? Our call centre has many experienced people who also can advise if you ever need anything or you are having any problems.  We don’t just have 1 expert; we have a group of expert people working with us. We are the people that train the other trainers, the suppliers, the doctors and the dentists to perform treatments correctly.  We believe that we have carried out more treatments than any other company, simply because we have more locations and have been around since the birth of the Laser Cosmetics industry.

Not only are we the manufacturer, we also carry out the procedure within many of our affiliated clinics.  We would not train you on a system we felt that is not good enough for our own branches worldwide. Our branding is very well known to the consumers so we have to keep our promise to deliver our treatments to our customers with the best possible results.

How much is the upkeep of the machine With machinery and equipment, quality is the key and customer results are what make or break your business.  Usually you do not need to replace any machine parts unless they break down, and if they do, we offer a replacement service at a reasonable price directly from our factory.  All machines come with a warranty to give you further peace of mind if anything was to go wrong. It is also a requirement from the local authority or insurance companies that you service your machine on a yearly basis by the manufacturer who makes the machine.

Can you offer help with Licences/Protocols and requirements by our local governing bodies? In some countries such as the UK, USA, & AU you will need a licence and insurance to carry out treatments.  We can guide you in the right direction and provide you with all the necessary steps which your jurisdiction may need.

How do I go ahead? After the payment is made, the equipment will be shipped directly to you.  Once the items have been received, please contact us to book in for the training.  We offer worldwide delivery and we can train anywhere on the globe.

Warranty: For purchases after 25th Jan 2019 comes with 24 months warranty with the option to extend further, unless stated differently on your order.

Machine Delivery: Once full payments are cleared, we will arrange shipping directly to your door. Machine order status may show that your item is in stock but the actual machinery is made to order and can take between 3-7 working days to build, larger machines can take longer depending on the time of purchase. Your rep can provide a clearer indication of delivery date before commitment.

Postage is automatically calculated in your shopping cart with a suitable delivery company depending on your location.  Please ensure that there is someone available to help the driver lift the heavy machine to your door, otherwise you can re-arrange delivery directly with the driver.

Once you have received your items, do inspect within 7 days in case of any damage in transit. Contact us to arrange for the training only after you have received your equipment in working order and all payments are cleared into our account.

Marketing and training materials can only be given to you by the trainer after the day of your training. You may pay for postage for a particular delivery company at check-out but we have the right to choose which ever courier that is available on the day of shipping your item.

We will only choose a like for like service that you have paid for. There is a very small percentage of delivery that will not arrive on time due to various reasons with the courier company.

We do not have control over this and will track your items accordingly. Some large items, you will need to pay for re-delivery if you missed the delivery date.  You will have to pay directly to the delivery company and arrange re-delivery with them. If you would like us to ship the machine by sea or air to the port, please let us know.  Buyers must pay custom or handling charge if any.

Payment Method: If you are paying by credit/debit card/electronically via the website gateway, we can only ship physical items to your billings registered address.  If you would like your items to be shipped to an alternative address, we can only accept cleared bank transfer as a form of payment.


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