Tattoo Removal Training


AW3 Tattoo removal

If tattoo removal sounds too good to be true, sometimes it is. Not all tattoo removal machines are created equally. Many use cheaply manufactured parts, counterfeit and low-grade technology that leave customers with a slightly faded tattoo or, even worse, severe skin damage. AW3 machines offer brilliant results that remove all colours of tattoos, leaving skin looking beautiful, rejuvenated, and tattoo-free!

AW3 systems are used in clinics worldwide including hospitals, celebrities and high street medi-spas. Your customers will know that quality is associated with the AW3 brand.

Our Innovation

AW3 are always at the forefront of the tattoo removal industry, We improved the ND Yag aswell as the Pico technology that utilizes the advanced technique in pigment removal to various AW3 machines. As a leading manufacturer, we don’t stand still. We design, develop and manufacture the most sought-after machines in the industry.

The AW3 Results

With 2 decades of experience, we know what works and our customer satisfaction is a testament to our results. With thousands of machines sold worldwide, established clinics and medical centres cannot be wrong. At AW3, we don’t just achieve good results, we achieve the greatest results for tattoo removal.

After Sales

To ensure that your business is successful, we are here  to help. A good machine and training is one thing, but getting ongoing support is just as equally important.  Depending on the package that you buy, we will offer support to that specific order. Your success is important to us because it is a reflection on our branding.

Whether it is marketing, a training issue, operation of machine, customer’s problems etc…feel free to contact us for support.  We pride ourselves in giving quality after sales and support, we want you to become a valued member rather than just a customer.