The Treatment & The Technology

AW3® Wrinkle therapy is a treatment of the skin to give the maximum collagen boost to push out even the deepest lying wrinkles. This treatment is to be performed using the RF Elight versions of IPL machines only as these get maximum collagen boosting results.

The heat from the light is attracted to the melanin/oxy-haemoglobin in the blood. The heat reaction breaks down the melanin and coagulates the blood within the area. This then leaves the body through the lympathic system leaving the skin with a clearer complexion.

The heat that is also created within the epidermis and dermis (RF treatments only) makes the skin react as if it has had an injury. The blood and collagen rush into this area to repair it leaving the skin with a smoother appearance.

Treating face and neck wrinkles using IPL technology

  • A natural way to boost collagen
  • A long term lasting results
  • Good for your skin
  • Say no to needles
Laser IPL Skin Treatment

AllWhite Laser

Your Ultimate Solution for IPL Wrinkle Reduction

Are you searching for a reliable and effective solution to combat wrinkles and achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin? Look no further than AllWhite Laser, your trusted partner in IPL wrinkle reduction. With our advanced technology and expertise, AllWhite Laser is dedicated to helping you turn back the hands of time and restore your skin’s radiance.

At AllWhite Laser, we understand the impact that wrinkles and fine lines can have on your self-confidence. That’s why we offer IPL wrinkle reduction treatments that are non-invasive, safe, and highly effective. Our specialized IPL technology harnesses the power of intense pulsed light to target the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting natural rejuvenation.

When you choose AllWhite Laser for IPL wrinkle reduction, you benefit from our team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of skin rejuvenation techniques. We will assess your specific needs and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your skin type and concerns. With our expertise, we ensure that you receive the most effective and personalized IPL wrinkle reduction treatments.

AllWhite Laser utilizes state-of-the-art IPL machines that are renowned for precision and efficacy. These advanced devices deliver controlled bursts of light energy to the targeted areas, stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting the reduction of wrinkles. The result is smoother, firmer skin with diminished fine lines and a more youthful appearance.

One of the key advantages of IPL wrinkle reduction is that it is a non-invasive procedure, meaning there is no need for incisions, injections, or extended downtime. You can enjoy the benefits of IPL treatments with minimal discomfort and a quick recovery period. This makes it a convenient option for individuals seeking effective wrinkle reduction without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

AllWhite Laser for IPL Wrinkle Reduction

Choosing AllWhite Laser for your IPL wrinkle reduction needs means benefiting from our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals ensures that you receive the highest standard of care and attention throughout your treatment journey. We prioritize your comfort and safety, taking the time to address any concerns you may have and providing ongoing support before, during, and after your IPL treatments.

In addition to their exceptional IPL wrinkle reduction services, AllWhite Laser offers a range of complementary treatments and services to address various skin concerns. Whether you’re looking to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation, or treat other signs of ageing, our comprehensive offerings ensure that you have access to a complete range of solutions to achieve your desired results.

With AllWhite Laser, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you regain your confidence and achieve younger-looking skin. They combine their expertise in IPL technology with a commitment to the latest advancements and techniques, ensuring that you receive the most effective and cutting-edge IPL wrinkle reduction treatments available.

Don’t let wrinkles hold you back from feeling your best. Experience the transformative power of IPL wrinkle reduction with AllWhite Laser. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards rejuvenated, radiant skin that defies age.

Laser IPL Skin Treatment



The sensation will vary from client to client. The sensation that is felt depends upon the amount of melanin found in the skin. The sensation is described as a heat sensation and a few clients say it is light mild sunburn after the treatment.

What to expect?

IPL wrinkle treatments will show mild redness of the skin initially after the treatment. This is a good sign the treatment has worked and sufficient heat has been pushed into the epidermis.

How many sessions are needed?

On average 1-6 treatment at 4 week intervals are needed for the best results. The level of collagen boost depends on your skin type so results do vary. Top up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results.