Protected: AW3® Bullet S Line™

New Improved 2021 MDR Model

Super IPL is one of the best technology when it come to hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Re-launched to the market in 2021 with updated technology, the Bullet is one of the most well loved system for small salon owners.

  • 10 times faster than any IPL systems- Full legs treatment in just 15 minutes
  • No pain to the clients and is almost impossible to burn with Super IPL
  • Able to treat tanned skin, white hair and dark skin better.
  • AW3® uses quality branded parts, and the system is precisely programmed to achieve superior results compared to any other IPL or SHR system on Earth

This is a registered medical device of the latest MDR Regulation May 2021, copyrighted and trademarked verified. This is not a poor imitation like similar looking machines.

medical grade

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