Fat Freeze Training With AllWhite Laser Technology

Fat Freeze Training

Fat Freeze Training with the AW3® Antarctica™ Machine

When we talk about fat buster, the AW3® Antarctica™ is the only ultimate solution.  This machine has a combination of Radio frequency, fat freeze training, fat freeze, cavitation and laser lipo in 1 system.

Clinic owners often get asked by their customers, which technology is better? The answer to this question can be complicated and different technology has its pros and cons. Educating your customers on this can be a bit of a task, and in the end, you might not be able to convince them with fat freeze if their mind is set on laser lipo or cavitation.

This would be a problem if you have just 1 type of technology in your machine. So to irradiate this problem to clinic owners, we have come to produce the first system to have it all. All under 1 roof!

With years of research and development in laser cosmetic science, we can build various types of technology. And we build them all to the best standard. All-white Laser don’t just build for the sake of building. We only build machines that achieve results! not just good results, but great results that distributors and laser suppliers will come to back us again and again us, no matter what type of technology we produce.

The Fat Freeze Training

This is not just machine operation training! If you would like to be certified by our qualified and accredited trainer for treatment practical, theory, consultation, post & pre-treatment plan and contraindications, this intensive complete training is a must. After which, our trainer is available to offer you lifetime support if you ever have queries on the treatment or customers.

An intuitive user interface makes training a lot more fun and simple. After years of extensive research and improvements, our engineers can design the AW3® machines to simplify the user’s experience. Parameters and other settings are automatically set on our machines, which fundamentally makes the training simpler for the students. Systems that lack innovative technology can be very time-consuming for the trainer and the student, where training can take days or even weeks. Advanced technology, improved techniques and a better training structure have cut this down dramatically.

When things are simple to you, they will be simple for your customers which will result in a better treatment service.

As a leading manufacturer, we use the AW3® systems within our clinics worldwide. To protect our branding and reputation, we only distribute the same equipment to businesses that we use ourselves.

  • A quality machine and quality training = Greatest results
  • A poor machine and quality training = OK results
  • A quality machine and poor training = Good results
  • A poor machine and poor training = Next to No results!

Theory and Practical Syllabus

• How it works, technology
• Health and safety of Laser Lipo or Cavitation
• Consultation/Medical information
• Treatment plan
• Who can be treated?
• Hands-on practical
• Sales and marketing
• Understanding the science of fat cells
• Pre-treatment communication
• Key points during the treatment
• Key points to observe after the treatment
• AW3® approved certified

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